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Hampshire Highways Agency

The Challenge

Hampshire County CouncilOne of the biggest problems facing Britain’s Highways Agencies is keeping motorists up to date with road work information. Delays, diversions and closures of roads can be frustrating for drivers and if they are not supplied with correct information it can result in anger towards the Highways workforce.

Therefore all Highways Agencies endeavour to keep their roadside signage updated but due to the restrictions of the materials to hand they often find this problematic.

Stencilling on to signs is time consuming and handwritten information can often become incomprehensible.

Steve Bradbury from Hampshire County Council remarks, “For many years my colleagues have been making advisory pre-road works signs using stencils. Each sign was taking between 45 and 60 minutes to make and despite their best efforts most were ruined by rain water seeping under the weather proofing”.

The Solution

MiniMark A simple and hassle-free solution is available to end the challenges of updating roadside information. Brady’s ‘Do-it-Yourself’ MiniMark sign and label machine can instantly produce customisable identification that is designed to withstand the outside elements.

Like it’s name suggests, the Minimark is small and compact providing ultimate print quality resulting in quick, clear identification for all your signage updates.

Steve Bradbury continues, “We bought two Minimark printers from Brady, one for our Eastleigh office the other for our office in Petersfield. We can now produce a sign within 10 minutes that is weather proof and reusable.

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