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TLS 2200®/TLS PC Link™ - BradyBondz™ Labels

Article No. 018316
Order Ref. PTL-4-423

£24.07 ex. VAT

Quantity/ UOM 500/Roll


BradyBondz™ Labels for the TLS 2200® & TLS PC Link™ Thermal Transfer Portable Printers. Please Note: This material is UL, CSA & AGA approved with its respective ribbon. See the "Recommended Ribbon Series" for the appropriate ribbon to use.


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AdhesivePermanent Acrylic
After ProcessYes, this material will work with this application
ApplicationCircuit Board & Component ID
Panel Identification
Approval/ComplianceAGA Approved
CSA Approved
Halogen-Free (DIN VDE 0472/parts 815)
UL Recognised
Board ApplicationThrough Hole - Top
Brady Material NumberB-423
Material TypePermanent Polyester
Max# Characters per Line9
Max# Lines of Text4
Max# Service Temp# °C110
Printer CompatibilityBMP61; TLS2200; TLS PC LINK; BMP71
QTY# per Row1
Recommended Ribbon SeriesR-6010
Size - Height (mm)10.16
Size - Width (mm)10.16
Surface Mount Technology SMTNo, this material does not work with this application
Through Hole TechnologyTop: Yes. In extreme high temperatures, testing of this material is Recommended, Bottom: No