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PCB Labelling

LabelPod & Brady specialise in developing Labels for printed circuit board identification. We have a vast range of 'off the shelf' labels, but can also meet specialised demands in shape, size and colour combinations. We can also advise you on the more technical sides of custom labelling such as the durability and life-span in the environment that you need them for.

PCB Labels that can withstand a range of environments

When selecting a label type, it is important to determine exactly what they must withstand. These include:

* Cleaning and solder wave processes 
* Temperature ranges 
* Chemicals

Try before you buy

LabelPod & Brady offer several variations of label which are designed to cope with different PCB environments. We are happy to offer samples and specification sheets of our labels, effectively allowing you to 'try before you buy'. With this in mind, it enables our customers to purchase labels with confidence.

Blank PCB Labels

Blank PCB labels can be supplied with 'tailor-made' thermal transfer ribbons which will enable successful printing of robust labels capable of tolerating the harshest PCB processes. We supply a range of Brady Thermal Printers and software that can be used for this purpose.

View Our Range of PCB Labels:

Pre-Process          Post-Process


Static Dissipative & ESD Labelling

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) cannot only seriously damage almost any electronic component or device, it can render circuit boards useless. Our unique static dissipative label technology greatly reduces the amount of ESD generated in either automated or manual label applications to safe operating levels.

The adhesives on the static dissipative labels are adapted to a point where there is little residue charge after a very short period of time. By changing the adhesive’s resistivity – the ability of a material to transfer a charge through itself, We have produced an entire family of static dissipative labels which will reduce any threat of harmful static charge.

Static Dissipative labels are available for both Pre and Post process labelling, come in a wide range of sizes and are only marginally different in price to your normal pre or post process labels. All of these factors mean that changing your current PCB label to a Static Dissipative label couldn’t be any easier.

View Our Range of Static Dissipative PCB Labels:

Pre-Process         Post-Process


PCB Labelling & Labels from LabelPod & BradyPCB Labelling & Labels from LabelPod & BradyPCB Labelling & Labels from LabelPod & BradyPCB Labelling & Labels from LabelPod & Brady

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