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LabelMark 6 Pro Labelling Software

Article No. 143511
Order Ref. LM6PROCD

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LabelMark™ 6 Software can integrate data sources, label designs and batch printing into one cohesive system – a time-saving solution for operational label set up, management and execution. With single-click importing and serialisation, an interactive custom label creator and a complete integration with MS Office applications, LabelMark 6 Software is a user-friendly label design and printing software for high performance labelling.


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Feature & benefits

Ease-of-Use Tools Features

  • Manage Part Printer Driver Association
  • Manage Custom Parts
  • Export/Import custom part labels
  • Error Checking Utility
  • Online Auto Updates
  • Label Object Property Window
  • Multiple Tabbed View
  • Manage Favourites list

Label Printing Features

  • Print Selected labels in Design Editor
  • Multiple Label file Simultaneous Batch Printing
  • Set print range copies
  • Set label copies
  • Save print range/label copies settings with label file to avoid resetting these each time the file is opened.
  • Bi-directional printing (only specific Brady printers)
  • Label Saver Options
  • Dedicated Label and Printer Printing

Label Design Features

  • Create New Based on selected labels
  • Multi-label Display
  • Multi-Label Editing
  • Edit/Use a Label File
  • Edit/Use a Template files
  • Wiremarker Labels (copy text on multiple lines)
  • Fixed line mode design
  • Free form mode design
  • Command Multiplier for en masse label copies
  • Insert Serialised Data (Quick|Advanced modes)
  • Insert External Data  (Quick|Advanced modes)
  • Insert Date/Time Data 
  • Insert/Edit an Image Object
  • Insert/Edit a Text Object
  • Insert/Edit a Rectangle/Line Object
  • Insert/Edit a Barcode Object
  • Flip-Flop data on existing label
  • Insert new label with Flip-Flop data
  • Graphics Symbol Library

What's in the box?

  • Brady LabelMark Standard Disc
  • Quick Start Guide and Instructions


BrandBrady Identification Solutions
DeliversProfessional-looking labels and tags for all applications and industries
Maximum PCs Allowed1
Maximum Printers AllowedUnlimited
OmitsDesigning and Printing of labels through MS programs
Management of imports and serialisation
Single Click features
Some wizard tools i.e. Electrical and Lab wizards
Printer-based licensingLicensing based on the number of workstations running LabelMark.
Type of SoftwareNew Version