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Brady BMP 51 Label Printer

Includes built in Bluetooth® 
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BMP 51 Label Printer with built in Bluetooth




Article No. 710898

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Brady BMP 51 Printer Overview

When you need clear, durable labels on the spot, you need the Brady BMP 51 Label Printer. It offers crisp printing, easy formatting, convenient label sizes, and portability required for electrical and datacom installations, laboratory identification, facility and safety labelling.

Brady BMP 51 Printer Features & Benefits

Change supplies in seconds. Hassle free drop-in cartridges have both the label material & ribbon inside!
Automatic label formatting. Cartridges feature smart cell technology that tells the printer how to correctly format your label. You just drop in a cartridge and the printer calibrates the rest.
Quick to print. Prints 25.40 mm per second – which means no more waiting around for labels to print.
Durable built-in cutter. There’s a self-cleaning cutter that can cut through any material with ease, and it even grips the label until you need it.
Battery options for portability. Use with the AC power supply, AA-batteries or simply with the rechargeable Li-Ion battery which allows you to print over 3,000 labels on a single charge.
Wireless capabilities. Built-in Bluetooth® technology and the optional Wi-Fi card provide wireless printing options.
Robust software. LabelMark™ Labelling Software enables the printer to print: bar code symbologies, time/date stamps, imported graphics, automatic data serialisation, and more.
Continuous & die-cut label materials. Whether you need to label wires, cables, panels or equipment, you can do it all with this one printer. There are 18 material types and more than 130 label parts to choose from.
Labels up to 38.10 mm wide. Make large labels that can easily be identifi ed from a distance (or make continuous labels up to 1m long!).
Magnet. Keep your printer handy, use the magnet to hold your printer on panel doors, metal ladders or any metal surface.


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