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LabelPod Leasing

Labelpod printer Leasing

Printer Leasing that CAN save you money!

Printer Leasing can provide a tax efficient and effective way of funding new equipment providing fixed repayments, minimal deposits and fixed rates. No matter how big or small your business might be, you will always need label issuing and supplies. Leasing your printer(s) is one option that allows you to print labels efficiently and without having to pay for the system up front. Savvy business owners have used leasing as a money saving strategy for years, and as a method to get the latest equipment.

Tax Benefits of Leasing


Cost of goods £897
3 year lease @ £31.29 per month (1+35)
Total payable = £31.29 x 36 months = £1,126.44
You pay £229.44 over 3 years in interest
Lease is 100% tax deductible so assuming tax rate is 25%
£1,126.44 x 25% = £281.61
Therefore, the lease is effectively self-financing and the reduction in tax to be paid (£281.61), more than covers the interest charge (£229.44)
Plus… You have had the use of the original £897 for the last three years!
VAT is charged on your monthly payments and can be reclaimed in the usual way.

Savings and Benefits of Equipment Leasing

There are really two main types of savings that your business will get when you choose equipment leasing ... immediate and long-term. First, instant savings come in the form of not using your capital or credit. Rather than spending outright, you instead have a manageable monthly payment. You still get everything you need, plus you don't tie up your credit or cash. Second, long-term savings come in the way of annual tax benefits, and interest accrued on the money you didn't have to spend.

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